At What Age Can a Child Choose to Live with Their Parent?

The divorce process is challenging enough as is. Adding issues of child custody to the mix only complicates things further. The family law experts here at Oxendine Law understand that our clients want what is truly best for their children. Which is why we focus so fiercely on matters of child custody.
One factor that some states, including Georgia, take into account when making child custody decisions is the preference of the child or children involved. In the majority of divorce cases, the two parties are able to reach an agreement on which parent should care for the child/children on a day-to-day basis without a judge needing to intervene. However, there are exceptions to this. In some instances, a judge will have the final say in matters of child custody and the child’s preference may be taken into account. Other factors that may be taken into account include each parent’s relationship with the child, ability to care and provide for the child, and more.
During divorce proceedings in Georgia, children aged 11 to 13 may have their opinions considered in determining which parent they would prefer to have custody. Children 14 or older have an even greater influence in making that decision.  In the following video, we discuss this issue in more detail and explain what it can mean for parents during their divorce:


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