"If you’re looking for Captain America and Wonder Woman in the court room. Look no further. Give Jared and Christine a call. Seriously, Jared and Christine are two amazing attorneys that really care about their clients. Any way you look at it. Divorce can be difficult and you will need someone to guide you through the process. Jared and Christine treated us as family. They took time out to really listen and explain the process in ways we could understand. Their performance in the courtroom was perfection at its best. If you’re looking for an attorney that’s fair and cares about their clients. If you need help and need someone to fight for you. Don't hesitate to give them a call.”

-Stacy S.

"I hired Oxendine Law for modification of custody and visitation. Mr. Oxendine and his associates showed me nothing but respect and professionalism from day one. They were knowledgeable about my case and not afraid to go to trial. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and I felt confident about having Oxendine Law on my side. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the time and effort that this group put into my case to help me keep my child safe and secure. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Oxendine Law again.”

-Sarah G.

"Jarrod and Christine help me with final custody of my son, and a complete rewrite of the child support settlement. The team at Oxendine Law kept me informed, calm, and supportive throughout the process. Additionally, they out maneuvered the opposing attorney several times which led the opposition to then drop the case and settling in my favor. While the process was costly and emotional the end result was worth it, we can now move on with our lives and be more secure in our future. Thank you Jarrod and Christine.”

-Thomas T.

"Great service … Christine was very efficient and thorough. She knew what she was doing in the courtroom and she handled my granddaughters case with professionalism. She always was available to answer any questions and quick to respond to them. She was genuinely concerned about the well being of my granddaughter after the court hearing and followed up with her to see how she was doing. I would highly recommend Christine … she is the best!!”

-Judy O.

"Mr. Oxendine represented me in a complicated divorce case. He is a very smart and compassionate family attorney who knows his stuff. He was always available on the phone/email and respond to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients.”

-Nicole C.

"Divorce is not easy, even when your wife commits adultery. I have to admit I had my doubts through the process and at times was ready to “throw in the towel”; had it not been for Christine Palmer “talking me off the ledge.” I’m sure I would have settled for a lot less. Christine was great in offering advice and guidance through the entire process and was always quick to respond to my “Monday Morning” emails and phone calls. We were able to avoid going to court and settled my case in mediation. The outcome could have not been better, thanks to Christine and Jarrod. If am ever in another “fight” (I hope am not.) I would want Christine and Jarrod in my corner!”

-James M.

Very high degree of service. The attorneys here are highly qualified and more importantly, care deeply about their clients. They won't tell you things just to make you feel good. They will give you straight talk and help you get the best results possible.”

-Scott A

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