Ways to Speed Up Your Divorce: Part 2

Our attorneys are about family law and accomplishing great results for our clients, but we also recognize that our clients want to complete their cases as quickly as possible. In our last blog, we explained that you can speed up the process by voicing your goals to your lawyer and by starting the “divorce talk” with your spouse in the right way. Our tips don’t end there, because there are several other ways to put your divorce on the fast track.

File a No-Fault Divorce

In Georgia, you have two choices when you file for divorce: a no-fault divorce or an at-fault divorce. In a no-fault divorce, you’re agreeing that both parties played their roles in breaking down the marriage. With an at-fault divorce, you’re alleging that your spouse is the sole person who caused the divorce due to one of a few severe circumstances, like adultery, abuse or abandonment.

The vast majority of couples file for no-fault divorces, and this makes the process run more smoothly. To be successful with an at-fault divorce, you need concrete proof that your spouse has done something that qualifies as grounds for the at-fault divorce. This is often difficult to prove and it’s time-consuming as well.

Of course, there are circumstances in which an at-fault divorce is the better choice. Our family law attorneys will be able to discuss your situation and advise you about the best way to proceed.

Get Organized

There is no way around it: divorce requires a lot of paperwork. You will need documentation for all your financial holdings as well as your other assets, debts, income, and more. For some couples, it takes an extensive amount of time to find and assemble all this information in the first place. It’s never too early to start getting organized with the documentation you need.

The worst-case scenario is that because of disorganization, you make a mistake in your disclosures. These truths have a way of coming out. Misreporting slows down the divorce significantly while making you seem untruthful, even if you weren’t trying to hide anything in the first place.

Hire the Right Attorney

Hiring the wrong attorney could cause your divorce to stall out and experience extreme delay. This is one of many reasons you want to research your attorney before you choose a law firm for your divorce. It’s also the reason we’re proud to have five-star review ratings from our family law clients.

If you’re ready to start your divorce right away so you can finalize it as quickly as possible, call Oxendine Law to schedule a meeting. For more tips on divorce, child custody, and other aspects of family law, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.