Welcome to the New Oxendine Law Blog

Today, we launch our new official blog for Oxendine Law and we’re thrilled that you’re joining us. This blog will offer advice and information from both Jarrod Oxendine and Christine Palmer, our two seasoned family law attorneys. Our goal is to become a valued resource for those throughout metro Atlanta who are preparing for a divorce, experiencing issues with child custody, or facing other legal transitions in their lives.

While every family law case is unique, chances are that many of your questions have been asked by countless clients before you. We will work to answer many of those questions here on our blog to help you gain a better understanding of the path ahead and your legal options. Here’s a peek into what you can expect:

Insight About the Process

Many of our family law clients have never been in a similar situation before and they have no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, that sometimes causes clients to delay seeking legal help because they’re intimidated by all the “what ifs.” To help you put your mind at ease, our blog will offer helpful insights into divorce settlements and more for first-time and long-time clients alike.

A Closer Look Into Our Office

We might handle complicated family law issues every day, but we recognize that our clients probably don’t. Your experience and your outcome will affect the most important aspects of your life for decades to come, and you need a lawyer you can trust. We believe in getting to know our clients and in letting our clients get to know us. Through our blog, you’ll find out more about who Oxendine Law is, how we operate, and how we can help with the vital crossroads in your life.

Informative Law Videos

As handy as written blogs can be, they don’t always have the same appeal as videos do. Videos allow us to offer helpful information in another format and to demonstrate certain processes that are difficult to explain in writing. Every once in a while, we’ll be adding a video to our blog to give you unique insight in a more enjoyable and convenient form.

Family Law Updates

The laws in the US and Georgia are constantly changing, and family law is no exception. They are also far more detailed and complex than most people understand. As your local family law experts, we’re dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on relevant changes and interesting cases in family law. Following these updates and precedent-setting cases can be a great way to be more informed if and when those changes apply to you.

Words of Wisdom from Other Clients and Experts

As helpful as it is to get tips and information from legal experts, there are certain messages that mean more coming from someone who’s been in your shoes. On top of being a resource for the Atlanta community, we also want to give our clients a voice. Through our blog, we will be posting legal testimonials and insights from our current and past clients from time to time to help you know what to expect from your experience at our law office.  We will also offer helpful tips and articles from our trusted experts.

At Oxendine Law, family law is our passion because we know the impact our services can have on our clients. Our goal in every case is to help you move forward with a positive and successful family life after the litigation is over. We recognize that a great family law experience starts the moment you get to know us on our website, and we look forward to building our legal blog as a reliable place you can turn to for information and support. Keep up with our latest blog posts on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you’re ready to take the next step toward your divorce, child custody arrangement, or other legal process, contact our family law team.