When Can I Modify Child Support?

As time passes and life changes, so may the circumstances surrounding your child support obligation. The amount of child support to be paid each month is set at the time of the original child support proceeding. However, changes to certain factors including financial standing and employment can lead to a change in the amount of monthly child support payments. Allow us to explain when a child support agreement can be modified.

There are restrictions on how often a child support agreement can be modified. It’s typically required for 2 years to elapse between requests for modifications, however, there are circumstances that can offset this rule. For instance, if a parent loses their job or experiences another hardship that results in a loss of at least 25% of their income, the two-year wait period may be bypassed. Additionally, an agreement can be modified in the event of the paying spouse increasing their income and other events.

In the following video, our family law experts discuss the specifics of modifying child support agreements in Georgia:

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